Propellor Design

Vancouver, Canada

Propellor Design is committed to creating objects that are useful, beautiful and sustainable. Our lights are designed and hand cra…

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Meridian Pendant Light, Walnut from Propellor Design Meridian Pendant Light, Birch from Propellor Design Furrow Calvino Single Pendant from Propellor Design Galiano Pendant Light from Propellor Design Galiano Slim Pendant Light from Propellor Design


Brooklyn, NY

RE-SURFACE produces a range of lighting and interior decor objects with art at heart & design in mind.
Designs by Donna Brady

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Peter Sid Design

Santa Monica, CA

Award winning furniture & lighting design from the sunny beaches of Santa Monica.

Classico Walnut Credenza  from Peter Sid Design If you liked it then you should have put a pin on it Print from Peter Sid Design BPT Mirror from Peter Sid Design


Brooklyn, NY

lightexture is a collaboration between an architect and a lighting designer, creating unique designer lamps.
In our light constru…

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Claylight Bouquet (six shades) - On Sale 22% Off from lightexture Claylight Pendant - Double cut from lightexture Steamlight Desk Lamp from lightexture Steamlight Simple from lightexture Involution Table lamp - Brass - On Sale from lightexture

Aminimal Studio

Brooklyn, NY

Aminimal Studio

We research complex systems, phenomena in nature and urban chaos as an approach to …

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Ribbon Double Ring Pink from Aminimal Studio Pumpkin Ring White from Aminimal Studio Ten Spot from Aminimal Studio Ribbon Earrings White from Aminimal Studio Pumpkin Ring Pink from Aminimal Studio

Melissa Borrell

Houston, TX

Melissa Borrell creates innovative jewelry and decorative home accessories that emphasize the interaction between an individual an…

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Gold Large Starburst Pop-Out Earrings from Melissa Borrell  Gold Leaf Pop-Out Earrings from Melissa Borrell  2D>3D Gold Small Concentric Earrings from Melissa Borrell  Large Starburst Earrings from Melissa Borrell  SALE: 2D>3D Concentric Pendant from Melissa Borrell

Mod Pieces

Burlington, ON

I’m Lia, the interior/handmade product designer behind Mod Pieces, an online boutique specializing in statement lighting & decor. …

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Static Pillow Cover, in Coral (Additional Colours Available) from Mod Pieces Splatter Pillow Cover, in Teal (Additional Colours Available) from Mod Pieces Crux Pillow Cover, in Teal (Additional Colours Available) from Mod Pieces Confetti Pillow Cover, in Jet (Additional Colours Available) from Mod Pieces 18' x 18' Down/Feather Pillow Insert from Mod Pieces


Utrecht, The Netherlands

We from SEMdesign, design products which challenge the user to interact with the product. we design (interior) products in a pure,…

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Fruit bowl '128' | cardboard from SEMdesign Fruit bowl '128' | wood from SEMdesign

Yö Design


Yö-Design is a project of a Finnish designer living and working in Barcelona. All jewelry is handmade and unique. The necklaces, … more » 

Single Bird(FREE SHIPPING fall2010!!) from Yö Design black and pink combos (free shipping fall 2010!) from Yö Design Orange Feathers (Free shipping fall 2010!) from Yö Design orange and Black combo(FREE SHIPPING fall 2010!) from Yö Design Wing necklaces(FREE SHIPPING fall2010!!) from Yö Design


Stockholm, Sweden

Jollygoodfellow is a duo consisting of mr and mrs Tanttu, Esa (graphic designer) and Lisa (art teacher). We like to put the ordina…

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Kotten (bodysuit) from jollygoodfellow circulation bag from jollygoodfellow  underpants winter model from jollygoodfellow urban No. 1 STH – tote bag from jollygoodfellow Jussi (body) from jollygoodfellow

Andrea Claire

Brooklyn, NY

In 2005 Andrea Claire launched andreaclaire lighting with the a lamp she made using photos from a weekend trip up-state. The ori…

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'Peep Show (Dots)' from Andrea Claire After Life from Andrea Claire Rome from Andrea Claire Costa Rica Cows from Andrea Claire Geneva Airport from Andrea Claire

Ashley Winnington-Ball

Toronto, ON

As a Toronto-based jewellery, it is my use of ambiguous and unexpected materials that differentiates my work from that of others; …

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Rusty Tweedy Button Ring  from Ashley Winnington-Ball Flat Black Copper and Silver Ring from Ashley Winnington-Ball Rusty Washer and Maroon Dome Ring  from Ashley Winnington-Ball Brass Washer and Crystal Cocktail Ring  from Ashley Winnington-Ball Blue Swirl Button and Crystal Ring  from Ashley Winnington-Ball


Brazil, most of the time

CUCAMPRE is the production of the mind of the designer Olavo Machado Neto.

The idea is to bring s…

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CUCAMPRE Backgammon Set from CUCAMPRE Small Hook CUCAMPRE from CUCAMPRE CUCAMPRE's Small Keychain Holder from CUCAMPRE Asa Led Lamp from CUCAMPRE Hartwig Tribute Chess Set from CUCAMPRE


Barcelona, Spain

The cultural activity in Barcelona generates a huge number of advertising banners every year, which are hung from street lights to…

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demano montjuic flown from demano demano universitat L from demano demano universitat M from demano demano avignon handbag from demano demano marbella flown from demano

Polygun Collective

Toronto, ON

POLYGUN is a collective of individuals working with various mediums to re-contextualize cultural findings of the past and presen…

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Photobook Volume IV: Singularity from Polygun Collective Winchester Model 1905 Rifle from Polygun Collective Photobook Volume III: Do You Come Here Often? from Polygun Collective Astigmia from Polygun Collective Solar Rays from Polygun Collective


Brooklyn, NY

Cofield is a product design studio founded by Sara Ebert and Jason Pfaeffle. They met in Brooklyn, NY while studying industrial de…

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Contour Light / Double from Cofield Colony Necklace 5 from Cofield Colony Necklace 1 from Cofield Colony Necklace 4 from Cofield Strata Pendant - Grey from Cofield

Prismera Design

New York

The word “Prismera” comes from a combination of “prism” and “chimera”; this company began as what seemed like a pipe dream in the …

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SALE: Orchid Post Earring - Steel from Prismera Design Tiny Moment Earring from Prismera Design Large Cereus Necklace from Prismera Design Fir Earrings from Prismera Design Fuchsia Earrings from Prismera Design

Lucie Wicker Photography

Boston, MA

I am a Boston-based artist living and working in the North End. My work includes photography inspired by nature and urban living. …

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Open Door, Tree- 8x12- Photograph- Archival pigment fine art print from Lucie Wicker Photography Beach Chairs, Limited Edition 8x10' Photographic Print from Lucie Wicker Photography Winter Island- Archival Fine Art Photographic Print from Lucie Wicker Photography Island Winter Sky- Archival Fine Art Photographic Print from Lucie Wicker Photography Boston Skyline Print- 8x10 from Lucie Wicker Photography

Bettina Nissen Design

Newcastle, United Kingdom

German-born designer, Bettina Nissen has an eye for observation, extracting everyday symbols and routines, incorporating them into…

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Make A Wish - Gold Plated from Bettina Nissen Design Make A Wish Ring - Lemon Yellow from Bettina Nissen Design Make A Wish Ring - Bonbon Red from Bettina Nissen Design Make A Wish - Stainless Steel from Bettina Nissen Design Make A Wish - Brilliant Blue from Bettina Nissen Design

chuck routhier | furniture+lighting ||| we are a small design/make furniture company in NY. our mission is …

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small sconce / lamp from chuck routhier | furniture+lighting Moving Bag from chuck routhier | furniture+lighting bent lamp from chuck routhier | furniture+lighting