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Clothing Rack / Wall Mounted Rack .. 42' Hang Anything .. Perfect for Retail Display from Brooklyn BlackPipe

EJ butik

Riga, Latvia, Europe

ej butik is the story about a smart personalized lap desks or pillow trays inspired by sweet breakfasts for beauty sleepers, hard …

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Serving tray, pillow desk- greyish brown with red and white stripped elastic fabric pillow from EJ butik Aqua pillow iPad desk or Laptop Lap Desk - Off white with aque linen pillow from EJ butik Serving tray, pillow desk- soft yellow with light cotton mix fabric pillow in light watermelon coral from EJ butik Bed tray or Laptop Lap Desk without edges - warm pink with floral fabric pillow in cream and purple shades from EJ butik Wooden Laptop Lap Desk or Breakfast serving Tray - Off White with light blue, slighty shinny polyester fabric- Custom Order from EJ butik