ZJ Signature Intuition Logo Tee - Women's

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- ZAHARA JADE intuition eye logo tees now available!- Tune into your truth, awaken & balance your vibration while wearing ZJ Tees- Eye logo directly over heart chakra to expand heart intuition- Each color brings out different vibrations & energies- Rose: awakens heart chakra, expands unconditional love- Emerald: tunes & expands heart chakra- Sea Blue: amplifies 3rd eye intution- "Homemade" with love- Soft Natural Cotton blend- Sizing measurements in photo

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ZAHARA JADE is a socially conscious lifestyle brand with a vision to Heal Mankind 1 Conscious Product at a Time. It is our mission is to guide people in finding deeper meaning and purpose in their lives by rebalancing energy and centering within. Today the obvious discord of mankind, the routine "busy-ness", have led us...

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