Zig Zag Hand Printed Silk Tie - Special Edition of 20

$ 90.00
Sovereign Beck
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Sovereign Beck's classic Zig Zag design necktie.Fabric hand silk screened by Polluted Eyeball in Bushwick, Brooklyn and traditionally crafted with unmatched attention to detail.This very limited collection, only 20 will be produced, combines high quality Grey Broadcloth Twill Silk with Sovereign Beck’s unique print designs.Hand Cut and Sewn in NYC.100% Broadcloth Twill Silk 3 1/4" wide.

About the Designer

Sovereign Beck
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Sovereign Beck envisions a world where fashion-forward creatives as well as Ivy-league salary men can wear their business day attire straight into the cocktail hour. With this in mind, Sovereign Beck neckties are hand-crafted with equal parts classic tailoring and avant-garde illustrations that hearken back to their halcyon design-school days. Like good architecture, Sovereign Beck...

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