You Get So Alone At Times

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Polygun Collective
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10x15 Lustre Print.What is a "lustre" print?You can consider it a mix between a matte and glossy finish, giving you the best of both worlds.- The color saturation of glossy- The fingerprint resistance of matte- Without the glare associated with glossy.Lustre has a satin-like sheen and a modestly textured surface which you can see when the light angle is just right.

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Polygun Collective
Based in Toronto, ON

*POLYGUN* is a collective of individuals working with various mediums to re-contextualize cultural findings of the past and present.Based out of Toronto, our products include books of photography, posters and screen prints.Our inspiration is drawn from material that spans several decades, whether it’s revisiting objects and ideals that have long ago faded from memory, or...

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