Words (Artist Series)

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Holiday Matinee
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Originally a limited edition artist series, now on sale!Designed by the amazing "Nikki Farquharson":http://www.nikkifarquharson.com , a left-handed designer living in London. She's obsessed with letters, lines, patterns, shapes and colors. I first heard of Nikki when I came across her amazing site, "Random Got Beautiful":http://www.randomgotbeautiful.com. For this project, Nikki wrote a poem where every word ends in the same sound of Holiday Matinee. How rad is that?!All USA orders are sent 1st Class. International orders may experience extended delays at customs. If you prefer FedEx/UPS or tracking please message us before ordering.

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Holiday Matinee
Based in New York, San Francisco, London and San Diego

Hi. We're Holiday Matinee and we're obsessed with good design, social responsibility and promoting creativity. We publish a daily blog on creative inspiration. We started in 1999 and our motto remains, "Love your work, work your love."

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