Women's Boxer Briefs - Stretchy Sleep Shorts

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Garbedge Clothing Designs
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Women's stretchy boxer-briefs! Say goodbye to wedgies! These booty shorts were specially designed by request. The goal: A pair of supercute sleep shorts that don’t ride up into the butt crack. The buyer requested that there be no seam running through the crotch (at least, not one in line with the butt crack), as well as as a sturdy fit that would cup her bum and hold her thighs. The result will be called the “CUP YOUR BUM AND HOLD YOUR THIGHS” sleep shorts. These shorts are excellent loungewear, great for the gym or for yoga, wonderful under skirts or dresses, and great simply on their own!The seam that would have run along the crotch has been broken into two seams and moved to the outer leg and hip. Instead of the normal cross seam, a rectangular crotch panel was added for shape and comfort. With a fold-over waist, these shorts are actually the most comfortable thing you'll ever wear. Perfect for snoozing, lounging...as well as bum cupping and thigh holding ;)AVAILABLE IN 6 COLORS!BlackWhiteCreamPale GrayHeather GrayGray Polka-DotThese shorts are made to order, so feel free to make modification or sizing requests!ALL SIZES HAVE A 5" INSEAM, UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED.SIZE XS______________+WAIST 24-26"SIZE S______________+WAIST 28-30"SIZE M______________+WAIST 32-34"SIZE L______________+WAIST 36-38"SIZE XL______________+WAIST 40-42"SIZE XXL______________+WAIST 43-44"SIZE XXXL______________+WAIST 45-47"

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Garbedge Designs uses repurposed and reclaimed materials to fashion new garments out of old. While the initial dream was to use only repurposed fabrics, I simply receive too many orders to stick to the original vision. Though the materials used to make some of the items in my shop may have been used before--the finished...

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