Wolf and Stars Ring

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Peg and Awl
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The shape of the ring came from a Roman ring I purchased from an Archaeologist in Israel many years ago. It was dated 100 - 200 AD. The ring displayed a star, a bull's head, a hare and a lion. - most if which I wore away in my years of wearing it. Sad that I did not think to recast it when it first came to be mine, I decided to re work it - so many years later, with similar elements but new meaning. (Though I brought the ring to a variety of historians who could not shed any light on the original meaning...)Upon my version, also intaglia, is a howling wolf's head and stars (specifically, the constellation Aries, that of my first born, Søren - but floating above the wolf as to also simply represent a starry sky)This is perfect for wax seals!We only used recycled metal. Availble in 1/2 sizes as well - please just state ring size in notes when ordering. 1-2 weeks to ship.For special offers, new product updates and more, like on us Facebook: www.facebook.com/PegandAwlfor every day goodness: IG and Twitter @pegandawl

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We are husband and wife with a boy called Søren and a boy called Silas. Our work is made from olde things, treasures found and recovered from misfortune and neglect, relics of the unusual, the confused and the macabre, cut and pulled and bound into wearable curiosities, inscribable keepsakes and useable treasures. We used to...

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