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ITEM: SINGLE BARREL WINE TOTEWINE... The drink of the gods (and all of us here at Rogue Theory - 'Don't drink + Stitch' ;-)Going to a Party and want to surprise the other guests with a bottle of Dom Pérignon? (umm... first, you are invited to all of our Parties ;-)What's better than a Single BARREL to deliver it in style.The Single BARREL is a reusable Wine Tote made with 100% Cotton Canvas that is durable enough to handle the load of One Bottle filled with the brilliance of your choice.Sure to be a crowd pleaser, not to mention you will be saving the planet one liquor store visit at a time. Don't forget to recycle that bottle. ___________Size: 6" x 12"A band of designer fabric is added for a touch of color with a finished handle to match. (Appearance may vary slightly due to fabric pattern)

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