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The Work Undone Project
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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?We have all said it one time or another in our lives. We happen to run across that thing that makes us wonder ‘Why Didn’t I…’ and Damn that’s frustrating as hell, right? Well it’s about time we do something about it and make more of an effort to motivate ourselves and those around us. Who knows, maybe someone will say it about your ideas and projects sooner then you think.Poster, Scout Book, Bookmark and Postcards all to help remind us that the projects you have been siting on aren’t going to happen on there own. Remind your friends that their ideas are good and they should get to work on them. Give them a Scout Book or a Book mark. Send them a Postcard reminding of a specific project they still haven’t done. Postage is prepaid so there is really no execute not to. Don’t have there address? Send it to them at work, might even be more effective to get coworkers asking questions.Good luck on your next project!

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The Work Undone Project
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I’m tired. So tired of my friends, colleagues and myself included, not doing the work or seeking to complete the ideas of the projects that we are passionate about. Hell even the silly fun projects we joke about over dinner and or drinks. The Work Undone Project is an effort to inspire those ideas to...

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