White Saddle - Ride Bicycle with White Seat Photo Print

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Walking home after a late dinner out in my neighborhood one windy summer night, I came upon a bicycle chained to a post outside a local nightspot. There was a heavy canvas banner sign which hung out over the sidewalk, and wafted by the gusty forces, it moved in and out of a stream of available light causing the bicycle to find itself alternately illuminated, then hidden in darkness. I was captured by this ‘flipbook’ picture show and stood watching; sounds of billowing canvas and distant traffic in my ear.Your 8 x 10.5 print will be made on 8.5 x 11” paper ready to be framed.This fine art sMacVision photograph is printed on premium acid-free, archival digital rag, heavyweight paper, which has a matte finish and will last a lifetime. It will be signed and dated and shipped promptly in a sturdy, moisture-resistant package.

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Hello, my name is Susan Mac. Originally from New England, I spent most of my school years moving, though longing to stay in one place. Now as an adult, I have finally done just that, settling in NYC, (Soho, Lower Manhattan) my home for more than a quarter century. Art and anything related to it...

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