White Leather Necklace with Ebony and Turquoise Colored Beads

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This white leather necklace with wooden ebony colored beads and turquoise colored howlite beads features a unique and stylish design by MishaGirl.I chose crisp white leather for this piece to create a dramatic visual contrast next to the chunky ebony colored wood beads. Tiny turquoise howlite beads are delicately sewn into the leather for a fresh burst of color. My inspiration for this piece is the bright, gleaming color palette of the Mediterranean.This is a truly stunning necklace that can be worn as a statement piece. It's the perfect accessory for warm summer weather and it's also versatile enough to brighten up any outfit year round.Leather Chain Measures 18 inchesAll of my leather is hand cut, hand sewn and hand assembled which may account for slight imperfections. I like to think it gives each piece its own unique character, to indicate that this leather necklace was crafted by hand.

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Welcome to the vibrant world of MishaGirl handmade leather jewelry and accessories. I love transforming leather in unexpected ways to create pieces that are stylish and easy to wear.Chic, Sexy, Bold are the three words I use to describe my leather jewelry. Leather has been applied to just about everything in fashion because it's such...

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