Whirl - contemporary modern wall clock made of wood, wooden clock, wood wall art

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The dial of this clock is composed of a sequence of constantly increasing wooden frames, where each one is inserted into the next size while rotated 15 degrees. Each frame bites into the bigger one halfway. This gives the dial a strange whirl look - hence the name.


Material: at selection of the raw materials the main principle I follow is to keep the natural appearance of the wood as much as possible - thus i use plywood, for it bears the wood grain, still strong and thin enough.


Manufacturing process: the dial is made of 9 wooden frames that are laser cut from a single 6mm birch plywood, the frames stick into one another without glue, the the finishing (polishing) is made by hand. The surface is oiled. Owing to the rotating grain direction on each frame a fascinating shading effect appears on the surface: certain frames look lighter while others seem darker - however each frame bear the same color (check the 3rd photo: right side view).


The movement: is non-ticking, runs with 1 AA size battery (not included in the package). Regular hands are metals in white colour, optional custom plastic hands are available for extra 3USD (see the last photo).



size: 29x29cmcm (11 1/2" x 11 1/2"),

depth: 2.8cm (1 1/8"),

weight: 0,5kg (1lb)


This item is made to order, usual processing time is 1 week.

We reserve the right that in certain circumstances we slightly modify the design without notice.

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