Where Ghosts Sit - Dark Brown Sepia Window Chair Scene Polaroid Photo Print

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This is a photo of a chair in the dining room of my family’s beach house. Years ago, it was always in use as the table was full of relatives eating a summer meal at the long table. Now it remains, unless extra guests come to stay, in the corner amidst the photos of those who’ve since passed on. It was taken using my SX-70 Polaroid camera loaded up with expired film. A beautiful 8 x 8.25 inch photographic print on 8.5 x 11” paper, ready for easy framing. This fine art sMacVision is printed on premium acid-free, heavyweight archival rag paper, which has a matte finish and will last a lifetime. It will be signed and dated and shipped promptly in a sturdy, moisture-resistant package.

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Hello, my name is Susan Mac. Originally from New England, I spent most of my school years moving, though longing to stay in one place. Now as an adult, I have finally done just that, settling in NYC, (Soho, Lower Manhattan) my home for more than a quarter century. Art and anything related to it...

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