Wallet - Space Guns, Reversal

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Jeff Claassen
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ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! Space guns are fun!This is the "Space Guns Reversal" design, which is basically the negative of the original "Space Guns" wallet. Out of all of Warhol's paintings I've always liked his "reversal" series more than anything else, so I took that idea and applied it to this wallet. Enjoy!This wallet is handmade using artwork and Japanese newspaper clippings sandwiched between layers of clear vinyl. On the inside is a large pocket to stash your cash and two smaller pockets for your I.D., business cards, credit cards, etc. Several cards can fit nicely in one pocket.measurements - 4" x 7" when fully open

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Jeff Claassen
Based in San Luis Obispo, CA

Currently a blogging gallery owner, artist, diy enthusiast, eater of cereal, reader of books and drinker of thai iced tea. If you find yourself in SLO, CA come by my shop at 774 Marsh St, upstairs.


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