VIT round bud vase

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vit ceramics
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The VIT round bud vase is organic, modern form, inspired by seed pods. It is slightly flattened and smooth in the hand. I hand pinched the shapes in clay and then made a mold to slip cast them. The white stripes are each squeezed out by hand and add texture to the surface. each bud vase is handmade in Seattle at Kri Kri Studio3.25" high x 4.5" x 2"

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vit ceramics
Based in Seattle Washington

I grew up with a sewing machine in my bedroom. My grandmother was a dressmaker and my earliest passion was for textiles. I was always making things! After studying weaving in Sweden, I was putting myself through college, designing and making clothes, mostly from fabrics that I had screen printed. However, when I took a...

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