Vinaigrette Keepsake Perfume Locket

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: Christine Domanic : Jewelry
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This unique necklaces features a vintage brass vinaigrette locket which hangs from a 24 inch antiqued brass chain.Popular during Victorian days, vinaigrette lockets were used to hold a small piece of fabric that was soaked with a scent and placed inside to slowly diffuse the aroma.Fill it with the scent of a loved ones perfume or cologne to keep a little reminder of them with you throughout the day or fill with your favorite aromatherapy oil.The locket measures 3/8 inch wide x 1 3/8 inches tall. Please note this locket is vintage and no two are alike. Due to it's age, there may be minor age spots or tiny scratches which only adds to the beauty of the piece.ECO FRIENDLY: All jewelry is handmade in my 100% wind powered home studio located in Brooklyn, New York.SHIPPING: Free worldwide shipping on all orders.

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: Christine Domanic : Jewelry
Based in Hudson, NY

Hello my future boyfriends and girlfriends. Thanks for stopping by. Green business practices are very important to me. All jewelry is made in my eco-friendly home studio which is 100% wind powered. Your purchase will be packaged in a gift box made from recycled paper and will be shipped through USPS First Class mail within...

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