Valentina - RED and violet, LUP 2 necklaces

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This piece consists of a deep violet wool necklace with a red stitch and a red wool necklace with a bright violet stitch.Ultra light, strong and warm mix of the lucidity and reflective power proper to violet and the waves of character and excitement associated to the red color can contribute to a great sense of balance.Rich in texture and versatile wool necklaces.A line like a squiggle. Motion and circulation around your neck!They can be worn single or combined for a deeply colorful, fuller look; long or many times around your neck, wonderful also as a bracelet or diagonally crossing your torso.Just try everyday one of its infinite, mutable shapes!2 necklaces in this set:1 x violet wool / red contrasting stitch1 x red wool / red contrasting stitchEach approx. 120-150 cm (43-60 in.) long.Every necklace is unique and made of 100% wool and thread.Cool fact: woven wool is not only the base of a production that is old as humanity, but more interesting, it protects you because of being hypoallergenic and resistant to static!

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Based in Berlin, Germany

For snou* jewelry is expression and emotion, with feeling and _being bold and beautiful_, splashes of COLOR.Joy and emotion in jewelry...Sexy, playful and bold... attention attracting accents.Snou´s jewelry collections are made in a great variety of materials, most of which are rescued and re-purposed by-products of various industries. Every piece is finished by hand in...

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