Unicorn Lake Moss Terrarium

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Tierra Sol Studio
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The Unicorn Lake Moss Terrarium Jar is made from the highest quality moss that I collected by hand, hand mixed moss soil, and a handcrafted unicorn. This happy terrarium would brighten any space and would make a wonderful gift for the holiday season, a baby shower nursery gift, or a treat to make yourself smile. Since moss grows in dark places, moss terrariums are great for spaces without much light like bedrooms, nurseries, or anywhere where you have had problems growing plants due to a lack of sun. Since the jar is covered, the moss terrarium only needs to be watered once a month! Moss is super hardy and tolerant to both drought and overwatering. A moss terrarium is the perfect gift for someone who would like a bright and happy plant in their home who have trouble keeping plants alive or people who want a low maintenance house plant. The terrarium includes the jar and lid, three types of moss, a unicorn, crushed sanded blue glass (safe to touch), activated charcoal (to keep the terrarium fresh), and hand mixed moss soil. Terrariums are shipped disassembled to keep the materials safe and come with fun and easy instructions for how to build your own DIY terrarium and very simple instructions on how to water moss once a month. Gift: Our items come beautifully wrapped whether a gift for you or someone you know. If you would like a gift note sent on a free small hand painted card, leave me a note and let me know what you would like it to say!

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Tierra Sol Studio
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Tierra + Sol uses local, natural, and recycled materials to create happy focal points to brighten any space. Tierra + Sol, or soil and sun, represents everything we strive to create using natural materials like hand thrown planters from clay, moss and ferns we collect by hand, plants from small local growers, soils we mix...

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