Trucco Canary Yellow Accessory Bag

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Trucco in Canary Yellow is a new vegan make-up, or accessory bag that takes all your essential belongings everywhere with you. Fill it with anything from your make-up essentials, hair supplies, or even toys for the kiddies to take to restaurants for entertainment. Perfect for travel shampoo and soap too! This Trucco is approximately 9”x3”x5”. Zip top closure. Just pop it in your suitcase, or on the bathroom shelf once filled with your favorite accessories!

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Based in Boston, MA

Zaum was born in 2003 from the like minds of its creators, combining the ideas, creations, and images from graphic design, fine arts, photography, and fashion. Zaum is a melting pot of function, style, quality, and fresh forms. Using a combination of modern style and unusual choices, we provoke every individual to be unique and...

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