Tough Love Barbed Wire Earrings

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Girl Tuesday Jewelry
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  • Ships in 2-3 days from time of purchase as this is a made to order item.
I get the craziest ideas when I'm washing dishes.My mind is usually a total blank when I'm scrubbing a pot or pan. Perfect, fertile ground for a thought to pop in.Well, I was scrubbing and in popped these earrings.Heart shaped hoops, extra-big, with barbs!I dried my hands, made a quick sketch and went back to scrubbing.Later, I made these hoops. I think I'm in love!!!Tough Love Barbed Wire Earrings measure 2.75" at the widest part and 2-5/8" tall.Made of 18-gauge wire which is a little thicker than most normal earrings. If you have tiny piercings, a smaller gauge wire can be used instead. Let me know if this is the case!Comes with a pair of clear rubber earring backs to prevent earring fallout!Made to order. Please allow 2-3 days from time of purchase for me to made your big, bad-ass, Tough Love earrings!© R. Cecere/Girl Tuesday Jewelry

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