Tiny Treasure Hunt Kit

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Our kit is all sorts of tiny, but creates some huge treasure hunting fun. Designed by long-term treasure-hunt creators, this treasure hunt game creates ages of riddling, searching, and decoding fun!The kit includes everything you need to lay a wonderful treasure hunt for someone—including 5 mini airmail envelopes filled with unique riddles—that need to be decoded using a variety of methods!Some clues will require the use of a mini golden magnifying glass, while others will simply require your noggin (but all clues are created to be solve-able by ages 8+). Be sure to use your mini pencil to help with your decoding, and keep your eyes peeled for the unique tiny treasure chest!You’ll receive your treasure hunt game in a wonderful little wooden box, hand-stained and hand-stamped, so that you can keep all the riddles and tools in one place in case you want to hide it all again for someone new (you can also use this box to hide bigger treasure in for the final prize)!Who will you hide for? The opportunities are endless!NOTE: All five awesome riddle clues are designed to be hidden in a house or apartment.

About the Designer

Based in Glen Ellen

Tiny Treasure Hunts is a family-run business invented by a Berkeley grad and her mom—inspired by their own fond memories of childhood hunts and the enjoyment that ensued.The company now runs out of Glen Ellen, California—in a cow-covered area surrounded by gorgeous vineyards. We’re still small, and we’re working on growing.

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