This Too Will Pass Brass Ring

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Kollaborate Design
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Brass ring with [This Too Will Pass] text engraved on it. Let me know your size when ordering.Please allow 2 weeks for your order to be custom made just for you._______________________________________________THIS TOO WILL PASSOnce upon a time there lived a king, a young man who wasn’t mature enough to lead. When things went well in his kingdom, he would always host celebrations and parties. He spent so much time and resources celebrating while abandoning his duties. Because of that, the goodtimes didn’t last long. When bad times came, whenever there was trouble in his kingdom, he would get very upset and depressed. He would stay in his room to sulk and cry. The ministers realized their king wasn’t carrying out his duties properly. That was the reason why there were so many bad times and not enough prosperous times. So the minister went to a goldsmith to make a ring. What made that ring different than ordinary ring is the inscription of the phrase “This too will pass” on the outside. They gave the ring with the engraved words to the king and asked him to wear that on all occasion. The king followed the minister’s instruction. Whenever his kingdom experience bad times, he would look upon the ring and remember “This too will pass”. Even when times were bad, he never got depressed. He simply emembered, ‘this too will pass’ and struggled on through. He knew he did not have to force those negative emotions and those bad times out of his kingdom. He knew they will pass naturally. Because he knew the bad time will pass, it gave him hope. The bad times never seemed to last all that long. Then when good times came, he enjoyed them, but never too carelessly. Again he remembered, ‘This too will pass.’ With that in mind, he carried on working for his kingdom, taking nothing for granted. The good times always seemed to last uncommonly long. He became a very successful and well loved King because the bad times were very short and the happy times were longer than anybody could ever remember. Of course you know who that king really is. It’s you. You're king of your life, your body, your family, your environment._______________________________________________*Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any questions.*Cheers,"kollaborate design"://*FREE SHIPPING* within South East Asia

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"Kollaborate Design":// is a design collaboration of four designers,Ivan Christianto (ceha ideatorium), Felicia Setijono (kamu), Try Budi Harso (Geppetto’s Lab), and Jevry Lo ( jevry).We are four industrial designers who collaborates each of our own works with each other. With different styles and different focus on products we strive to inspire and create fresh indonesian...

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