the TwistTogether Shelves - Chocolate

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the TwistTogether Company
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Using the same, patented connection system as the revolutionary TwistTogether Lamp, these sleek aluminum shelves work with other TwistTogether objects to form a lighted shelving unit of your design. Just like the lamps, multiple sets can be connected together offering almost endless options for inspired illumination.The TwistTogether Shelves + Blocks set ships with 2 TwistTogether Blocks (available with either Candy or Chocolate Blocks) and a 3 piece Shelving set (2 Shelves + 1 Mini Shelf).

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the TwistTogether Company
Based in Brooklyn, NY

The TwistTogether Company is a NYC based design company that develops products based on the TwistTogether Lamp's patented connection system. A complete collection of TwistTogether accessories utilizing different shapes and new technologies is currently under development.

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