the TwistTogether Lamp - Candy

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the TwistTogether Company
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The TwistTogether Lamp is a revolutionary new lighting platform that encourages you to design your own lamp! Individual blocks connect together and illuminate with a simple twist. Many creations are possible from a single set of 4 blocks and when you connect multiple sets together (all on one power supply) your possibilities are almost endless. Whatever you TwistTogether, the lamp’s enticing glow is the perfect way to add a warm, modern ambience to any room. It is energy efficient too - LEDs provide a safe, low-voltage and long lasting light source while consuming less power than a standard night light. Also available in Chocolate.PS - Be sure to check out the video of the lamp in action!
the TwistTogether Lamp - Candy from twistylamp on Vimeo.

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the TwistTogether Company
Based in Brooklyn, NY

The TwistTogether Company is a NYC based design company that develops products based on the TwistTogether Lamp's patented connection system. A complete collection of TwistTogether accessories utilizing different shapes and new technologies is currently under development.

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