The Trio earrings

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Mariane Alexandre
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The Trio is a mix and match set of enamelled earrings. If you have more than one hole per ear you can wear them alltogether. My mom rocks the Pill with the Right on target on one side and the Balance on the other side, yeah at 50 + she is a very stylish lady. Since I just have one hole per ear I just pair them depending on my mood.These earrings are quite small but make a statement with their unique design.The Pill 6mm x 2mm x 1,5mmThe Right on target 6mm x 6mm x 4mmThe Balance 7mm x 7mm x 3mmsterling silver, epoxy enamel, uniqueness

About the Designer

Mariane Alexandre
Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We are a duo of jewelers working together since we met in jewelry school twelve years ago, ouch! We really love our job and we hope it shows in our creations. If you come to Montreal comme visit our awesome workshop-boutique at 1397 Laurier Est.

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