The star talers - pendant black

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Here´s a beautiful pendant that looks great free hanging or on the window. The Star Talers - fairy tale of a poor girl that shares her last piece of bread and gives away her last shirt and is in the end given gold talers for her kindness. - cooperation of bombdesign with Xenia Fink (design of the pendant) pendant in two pieces, size: starry sky 8 x 10 cm, girl 4 x 10 cm, material: acrylic glass 3mm

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Based in Hamburg, Germany

bombdesign plays with linear shapes, contrasting colour combinations and handdrawn pattern. We offer design products for tall and small in our kids collection and home collection. bombdesign is based in Hamburg, Germany. We started our label for furniture and product design in 2002 with a first presentation at Salone Satellite in Milan - many national...

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