the short but sturdy empty triangle pendant

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ostra berdo
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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but if you're just a simple guy who just wants his triangle pendant sitting at the base of his neck and nothing else, you might have just clicked the right picture.Brass pipe triangle pendant on turquoise green textile cord.color: baja, gold1.5X1cm (xs)Brass pipes50cm blue cord + 8cm adjustable

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ostra berdo
Based in baia mare

creator, destroyer, sustainer of bodily magic.Ostra Berdo is less of a designer name and more of a magic brace. Inspired by the juxtaposition of minimalism, nature and geometry, this ever-involving line launched in 2012 reconstructs the discipline of the self in an organic and antithetic manner. Each object is meticulously worked by hand somewhere in...

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