the ridiculously huge farrah ring

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or rather:the return of the ridiculously huge farrah - new gorgeous one of a kind never to be repeated stoneplease please pardon the yelling that's about to occur, but i really really really really really need to emphasize the following:********THIS IS FOR A RING JUST LIKE THE ONE PICTURED BUT WITH THE BLUE STONE IN THE 2ND PHOTO!!!*********the blue stone is a senora sunrise -- and totally rockin.and it would logically follow that this ring will be made to order. any size you like. it is not made yet. .... and will take around two weeks to complete before shipping...ok. :i've made this ring a few times now...i can't get enough of it. it's kind of intense finding a stone artist that shares my vision -- but i think i''ve got me a good one so i'm hanging on to her and i'm not letting go.ridiculously huge ring - this ring is really really big. i love wearing it. it's actually remarkably comfortable -- it wears best on the middle finger so ...well, so it has your other fingers to rest on.whatever your size is, i wouldn't want to squeeze into it. it would feel kind of claustrophobic if it were tight so we'll fit it somewhat loosely. the stone itself is 3.5" in length and just under 2.5" wide. (more precisely 45.5mm x 74mm)this is here and complete and absolutely grand and a size 8 to 8.5 right now. i'd love to not resize it, but for you, i will if need be.the stone is a mahogany obsidian and really hard to photograph. much of the lower area is a smokey translucent gray with swirls of blacks and deep reds -- it's lovely and enchanting -- easy to get lost in for a while.i have another stone in the works as well. blues and reds. crazy.xoxococo

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