the myriads-of-mirth baby bib.

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superfly lullabies
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This super-swank bib is approximately 12" × 9", a generous size to stay useful even as baby grows and grows… Stylish and practical for droolers, spitters, and good ol’ messy eaters.Patterned side is 100% cotton/linen blend, minky side is 100% poly… both fabrics are pre-washed & pre-shrunk prior to sewing. Easy to care for: wash in cold, dry on low.Be sure to take your bib off of baby before she goes to sleep: it’s just good common sense.Buyer beware: you’re going to have to put up with lots of strangers complementing that baby’s keen sense of style (or your own keen shopping prowess).Oooh, one more thing… please also be aware that as each bib is hand-made, they are not all precicely the same: the placement of the fabric pattern may vary slightly from bib pictured here.

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superfly lullabies
Based in vancouver, canada

Mum. Bowie-enthusiast. Bon-vivant. or,Born of a desire to see more adult-friendly baby items* in the market {*read, this girl was given a lot of fugly baby stuffs…} *Superfly Lullabies* has made it their mission to provide their clients with the hippest + most challenging fabrics + styles, for the more refined design palette.Each item is...

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