the modern-matryoshka baby blanket.

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superfly lullabies
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This super-swank, modern take on the beloved babushka-doll blanket is approximately 30" × 30", perfect for snuggling up the babe in your life! Great for strollers, car-seats, lounging around at home, or keeping warm at night.Patterned side is 100% cotton, minky side is 100% poly… both fabrics are pre-washed & pre-shrunk prior to sewing. Easy to care for: wash in cold, dry on low.Buyer beware: you’re going to have to put up with lots of strangers complementing that baby’s keen sense of style (or your own keen shopping prowess).::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Additional shipping & return policies outlined in “terms of sales” section.

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superfly lullabies
Based in vancouver, canada

Mum. Bowie-enthusiast. Bon-vivant. or,Born of a desire to see more adult-friendly baby items* in the market {*read, this girl was given a lot of fugly baby stuffs…} *Superfly Lullabies* has made it their mission to provide their clients with the hippest + most challenging fabrics + styles, for the more refined design palette.Each item is...

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