The minimalist - white wood + black acrylic small wall clock with rotating dial

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This clock is the minimalism itself. The black acrylic dial of this clock is the hour hand herself that rotates around slowly while showing the time with that triangular indent on the rim. The minute hand is a regular white rod while the second hand is a short black pin with a white point on its tip - and is only visible when seen from closer distance.
The housing of the clock is composed of laser cut plywood boards that are painted to white and touches the wall all around the edge, so the movement is not visible at all.

- Raw material: 3mm shiny black acrylic board and 6mm plywood boards were used

- Manufacturing process: the dial and the housing of this particular clock is laser cut from the acrylic and the plywood boards, the finishing (polishing, painting) is made by hand. The surface of the housing is painted white.

- The movement: is non-ticking, runs with 1pc. AA type 1.5V battery (not included in the package). The minute hand is plastic in white color.

- Dimensions: 
diameter: 12cm (4 11/16"), 
depth: 3.7cm (1 5/16"), 
weight: 0,25kg (0.5lb)

This item is made to order, usual processing time is ~1 week. 

Please note: we reserve the right that in certain circumstances we may slightly modify the design without notice.

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