The 'Everyman' Best Badger Shaving Brush

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Brock Brush Company
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The 'Everyman' best badger shaving brush was designed with a handle that gives you confidence when applying your favorite shaving soap or cream. This Brock Brush Company best badger shaving brush features a high quality best badger knot with the perfect density for working hard and soft soaps as well as creams into a rich lather. Best badger grade hair was chosen to give the user a little scritch during lathering which helps to begin the process of exfoliation while invigorating the skin in preparation for an enjoyable shaving experience. The handle is Canadian hard maple, which is used for its character, density and weight and which is finished using Canadian hemp oil so that it feel like wood in your hand - not plastic. Our brushes are made by hand in small batches. Each Brock Brush Company brush comes with a wallet card identifying your brush. Wallet cards are hand stamped and hand printed on hemp paper.

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Brock Brush Company
Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Brock Brush Company prides itself on manufacturing beautifully designed high-quality, high-value, Made in Canada shaving brushes. Our Canadian hard maple handles are turned in Waterloo County, then hand sanded, hand branded and hand finished using Canadian hemp oil. Hemp oil is a superior choice because it is a renewable and safe product, which resists mold...

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