The cube necklace - sterling silver

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Lucie Veilleux
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This little cube has it's own story. The first one i made was much bigger and made out of wood, on an ordinary day when i wasn't expecting much. I instantly loved to hold the cube in my hands and got lots of comments on it. Loving that shape i made a few other wooden versions and eventually i had the strong desire to see it in metal. I meticulously carved it out of wax and then cast it in sterling silver. This is my constant reminder that ideas come and go and our favorites ones are generally the most unexpected, it's good to be surprised! :)So this necklace as well as the cube is made out of sterling silver. You can wear it at 2 different lenghts, 16 1/4" or 18 1/2", at the end of the chain i added a little disc with a stamp of my logo which actually is a drawing of my beloved cube! :)This necklace is ready to ship and will arrive beautifully wrapped!

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Lucie Veilleux
Based in Québec, Canada

Hello! I'm Lucie, a silversmith from Québec, Canada. My work is inspired by nature and botanical elements, I hope you enjoy it. Please contact me with any question you may have!

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