the bar hoops

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eleanor salazar
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Definitely a favorite, the bar hoops were sliced out of a billiard ball and then carved to create positive and negative spaces. They measure about 2.25" in diameter and are ~1/8" thick.Be sure to let me know what color strikes your fancy!deep red- 7, 15:bright red- 3, 11:yellow- 1, 9:green- 6, 14:purple- 4, 12:blue- 2, 10:orange- 5, 13:black- 8

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eleanor salazar
Based in maine

whether it is a used pool ball, broken pieces of bakelite, or bits of trashed counter top I am basically just all about repurposing plastics right is the idea of using this material that has this very evident past life. I can see and feel where the pool balls have been hit by each...

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