Sweet Love

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Farofa Nation
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Designed by Monse. She describes herself as this: I appreciate the beauty in life. I appreciate the small things, big things, beautiful things. I appreciate family and friends. I appreciate love, good food, a good cup of coffee, a good run, a good laugh, a hand written letter and a good night's sleep. I appreciate the momentum that life has, that there's more life to look forward to, and for that I am grateful.This is me. Check out more stuff from this passionate artist at "www.monsevalera.com":http://www.monsevalera.comAmerican Apparel’s sporty cap sleeve raglan has a bit of stretch. Featuring Merrow® stitching around the neck and shoulders. 100% Sheer Jersey cotton construction. Merrow® stitch hem Raglan cap sleeves. Form-fitting.L: Chest 16 1/8”, Full Body Length 22 1/4”M: Chest 15 1/8”, Full Body Length 21 3/4"S: Chest 14 1/8”, Full Body Length 21 1/4"Made in the U.S.A. – Sweatshop free

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Farofa Nation
Based in Miami, FL

WHO ARE WE?_We are Farofa Nation. A design and T-shirt company dedicated to helping the poor and unfortunate kids of Brazil. You can find out more info on how we help at_ "farofanation.com":http://farofanation.comAll shirts are artist designed!

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