Super cog buckle with recycled bike tube belt

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Steel Toe Studios
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I made this buckle from a used bike cog I recycled and an industrial bushing I re-purposed. Each one I make is slightly different since each piece is recycled, if you buy this one, the buckle in this photo is a representation of what you will be sent. Each one is hand finished and lovely, industrial and modern. Sturdy, will hold up to extreme wear, and super stylie! Almost three inches in diameter, but quite light.The belt is the Cadillac of bike tube belts. Manufactured by Alchemy Goods, it is double stuffed, RECYCLED bike tubes with six lines of top stitching in a yellow sturdy thread. It attaches with two heavy duty snaps to any of these buckles, or one you already have. Measures approx 1.5" in width, fits all jeans and most pants loops. Super stylie, comfortable and rugged, we say, wear your spare in pride!! PLEASE BE SURE TO SPECIFY SIZE WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER!!S - 24-30 inch waistM - 30-36 inch waistL - 36-40 inch waistXL - 40-46 inch waistIf you would like a custom size, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. There is no extra charge for this service, just a little extra time is needed!

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My name is Erica and I have been blacksmithing for 19 years. I apprenticed for about six years with a variety of talented master smiths, mostly learning the craft through traditional smithing techniques, making gates, railings and lighting. I opened Steel Toe Studios in 2003 in the grimy Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle, and have been...

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