Sugar & Spice and all things nice Condiment Cellars

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Vanilla Stone by Mellissa Bushby
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Vanilla Stone's Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice cellars are elegantly chunky, while still retaining the smooth delicate curves of wheel thrown elemental porcelain. The soft, warm vanilla tones of the cellars echo the faint hints of colour found in aromatic spices and similar accompaniments, from vanilla sugar and citrus salt, to herb and chilli spice blends. They have a flattened, visually aesthetic rim, and are slightly deeper than is traditional in condiment bowls, perfect for fingers or little teaspoons. They are equally at home in the kitchen, where they are convenience itself at the heart of the food preparation; or on the dining table, where they please the senses of sight while being charmingly user-friendly. Ruby red and emerald green jewel-like chillies, shards of crystal salt-flakes, gnarled and cracked black peppercorns and bark-like, fragrant shards of cinnamon are all equally at home in these beautiful bowls, just as much though, are dips, creamy and smooth; or sauces, chunky and hearty. They are also perfect for your traditional jewels, those rendered in gold, silver and sapphire. A wonderful and much loved addition to any home, this pair are hand-crafted and unique, therefore expect minute differences in size and character, but never doubt that they most obviously belong together. They measure 5 cm (h) x 7.5 cm (w) or 2 " (h) x 3 " (w).Please view refund and shipping policies.Vanilla Stone © 2013

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Vanilla Stone by Mellissa Bushby
Based in Lowveld, South Africa

Classic yet contemporary, simple yet exquisitely elegant, natural yet refined. Bespoke ceramic ware from Vanilla Stone is the ultimate addition to todays home. Tantalizingly delicate, yet still resilient and durable, this timeless ware brings a dimension of reflective beauty to the much loved and lived in contemporary kitchen, garden or table. The soft and almost...

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