Stray Bullet Necklace

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bussard design studio
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Mysterious and dark in its simple beauty. Strong and youthful in it's form. The stainless steel so hot during production it blackened the sturdy walnut surrounding it. The curved face attempts to soften all the power of this necklace but don't let it fool you. Owning a piece like this means sleeping with one eye open for the rest of your life.Measures 3/4"x 1/4". Made with reclaimed walnut and stainless steel. Strung with nylon coated sterling silver wire and magnetic clasps.

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bussard design studio
Based in Denver, CO

In architecture, furniture design, and jewelry, I am inspired by the people and places of the High Plains where I grew up. From the long hours on a hopelessly straight highway to the old abandoned homesteads that pepper the plains like birdshot, there is a magic in these seemingly empty spaces and with the right...

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