StingRay with tourquiz spots

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This adorable Stingray made by hand is 89cm long (35 inches)Made from 100% Cotton jersey (top) and 100% wool faux fur (bottom), stuffed with eco- friendly polyflock stuffing. with Brown safety eyes!The turquoise touches are painted by hand.The fabrics were cleaned thoroughly with eco-friendly materials.**NOTE** in this specific ray the under part (the wool faux fur) is changed. soon will be new picture. It comes in a costume made fabric bag (100% cotton) and a little surprise... ---

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Based in Paris

BigStuffed is a brand of stuffed creatures, special creatures with a heart of gold and a captivating look...This collection is inspired by albinos sea creatures, usually those beautiful and special creatures gets abandoned by their family because they are different.I'm creating them a new family here in my studio but they are always looking for...

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