sterling silver color pencil ring No.01

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Huiyi Tan Handmade Designer Jewelry
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This color pencil ring is from my latest collection, PENCIL LOVER, which is inspired by one of my childhood hobbies, collecting color pencil sets.In the making process, the best quality color pencils were selected and special treatments were applied to make them suitable for jewelry making.Diameter of the color pencil setting: 7mm (9/32 inch)Thickness of the color pencil setting: 6mm (7/32 inch)Materials: color pencils, sterling silverRing size: UK size H-1/2 (US size 4-1/4) is ready to ship. Or inform me of your size at check out for a custom made order which will be ready to ship in 2 business day.These are other pieces of jewelry from the same collection:"": are other contemporary designer jewelry in my Supermarket shop:"":

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Huiyi Tan Handmade Designer Jewelry
Based in Cornwall, England, the UK

My name is Huiyi. I am a GIA accredited jewelry professional. I was first trained to be an interior designer for my bachelor degree, and gained my MA in Jewelry Design. After graduation, I lived in Fairfax, and Alexandira, Virginia State, America for about 4 years. Since June 2010, I have been active in the...

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