Sterling Silver and 14K gold Ring made of multiple rings

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LaB Inspired Sterling by Laura Berrutti
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This ring is a combination of blacksmith and jewelry making technique. It has the toughness of the first and the delicacy of the second. The two bars end with a round 14K gold flat circle, both holding 4 sterling silver rings, letting play with its natural movement.Between 5/8 days are needed to make and send this ring to any part of the world.As all of my rings are handcrafted and unique. This ring will be made to order in your size. Este anillo es una combinación del trabajo de un herrero y un joyero. Posee la fuerza del primero y la delicadeza del segundo.Las dos barras terminan en circulos planos de oro 14K, y entre ambos sostienen 4 anillas de plata, permitiendo jugar con el movimiento natural de ellas.Considerar unos 5/8 días para la elaboración de la pieza y el envío a cualquier parte del mundo.Al igual que todas mis piezas, ésta es hecha a mano, y cada una es única y levemente distinta a las demás.Por favor indicar el talle del anillo en al momento de la compra.

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LaB Inspired Sterling by Laura Berrutti
Based in Portland, OR

My jewellery emerges from my own experience.Making jewellery allows me to play with shape, volume, and experience the immense pleasure of creation. Silver has become my material, that I occasionally combine with gold. I found balance creating designs that say all I want to without either taking the concept too far or not far enough.Still...

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