Steamlight Simple Extended

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With a small flexible arm connecting the lamp head to the base, this Steamlight model has a gymnastic flexibility and a creature like personality.Can be used anywhere on an interior wall either as a sconce or a downward task light. Excellent as an adjustable bedside lamp, the central light beam adjustment possibilities allows a nightly reading, while keeping your partner in an almost full darkness.Creates a warm intimate atmosphere light, while providing a useful task light.* The iris shaped patent pending lamp head can rotate, tilt, open and close as it allows for the central light beam to be aimed in any direction.* The leaves are both reflective and perforated, creating distinct light patterns.* Uses a low voltage xenon bulb that is twice more efficient in its energy use than a regular incandescent and has a longer life span of 10,000 hours.The SteamLight Simple line is the most basic of our models, with a polished finish and a simple plastic cord and switch.All electrical components are UL listed.The lamp is signed.Supplied with a clear 20 Watt, 12 Volt Xenon bulb.A brushed finish/touch dimmer are also available. Please contact us for these.

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Based in Brooklyn, NY

lightexture is a collaboration between an architect and a lighting designer, creating unique designer lamps.In our light construction we incorporate clay and porcelain made by ceramic artist Sharan Elran, ready-made objects, lighting components and more. The lamps are fitted and assembled by hand in our studio. One of our goals is to create energy efficient...

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