Steamlight Micro Lamp: Simple Edition

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It all started with a birthday present I made for my wife, a bedside lamp from a vegetable steamer. We were amazed by how good of a lamp it is, being able to open and close and also, because the bulb is off center I allowed it to be rotated so that the light could be aimed at a 360 degrees circle. Plus it created amazing light textures around it and projected them all over the room at night. She could aim it right at her book and let me sleep in the dark.After that we decided to take it seriously and work on designing it as a line of lamps. This is the Micro lamp - the small desk lamp, named so because it looks a bit like an old microphone. We sought and found the perfect steamer for the job, added a tilt that's connected to its rotation so it can be aimed anywhere, added a reflector and a small handle to help with opening and closing and also added a long life energy efficient xenon bulb that gives a warm light color tone. The Micro lamp has a 3/4 sphere base with a metal toggle switch and a short flexible arm, The base and arm are plated with a bright pewter finish. We even filed a patent on the three dimensional aperture shade, wrote an illustrated guide book and designed its packaging.The Simple Edition is the most basic of our models, with a polished finish and a simple plastic cord.Some technicalities:Sizes: Height: up to 10.5"Head Diameter: 5.5" when closed, 9.75" when openBase Diameter: 3", base height: 2.5"* supplied with a low voltage 20W xenon bulb that is twice more efficient in its energy use than a regular incandescent (equivalent to a 40W incandescent) and has a longer life span of 10,000 hours.* All electrical components are UL recognized.* The iris shaped patent pending lamp head can rotate, tilt, open and close as it allows for the central light beam to be aimed in any direction.* Packed in an elegant recycled box, fit for a present.* The lamp is hand made and signed.A few feed backs we got about this lamp:"Just got the lamp and wanted to take the time to thank you. The packaging is exquisite and the lamp works like a dream! ;) Hope the patent works out and keep up the beautiful work. I'll be spreading the word ....It was worth every penny. :)""Soulful, beautiful ambient lamp which sculpts light. Lovely, utilitarian, perfect! I love walls with shadows, so this is right up my street. Thanks!""Love it! I got it today- it's really cool- nice weighty base and perfect amount of brightness. your packaging is really good as well- I'll be looking to buy more cool fixtures from you for sure!""Great stuff. Lamp was packaged well and professionally done. Beautiful workmanship and a very happy customer. Highly recommended.""in love,what a great idea!"

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lightexture is a collaboration between an architect and a lighting designer, creating unique designer lamps.In our light construction we incorporate clay and porcelain made by ceramic artist Sharan Elran, ready-made objects, lighting components and more. The lamps are fitted and assembled by hand in our studio. One of our goals is to create energy efficient...

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