Statement Sterling Silver Chainmaille Necklace

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Susana Teixeira
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This statement sterling silver chainmaille necklace was hand woven by me, one link at a time, from polished sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver links.The initial link was manually sculpt in wax and then this two-dimensional wax prototype was injected in silver in a professional foundry. Each one of these two-dimensional prototypes was then manually folded and transformed into a three-dimensional link.The six links in the center of the necklace are in oxidized sterling silver.The necklace closes with a hand forged sterling silver hook that measures 1,6 cm x 0,8 cm (0.6'' x 0.3'')Dimensions:- each link measures approximately 1,5cm x 1,3cm x 1,1cm (0.6'' x 0.5'' x 0.4'')- the complete length of the necklace (when is open) t is 53,5 cm (21.1'')>>> Please contact me if you would like the earrings adjusted to another length

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Susana Teixeira
Based in Bolzano, Italy

The story of my creative live began some years ago, when I decided to bring some excitement to my day-to-day life. At that moment I was working as a Math teacher, which is actually my degree, but the idea of doing something with my hands was always present in my mind. Studying jewelery was the...

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