Stab by Biatrix

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The Stab by Biatrix is so much fun. This earring looks beautiful down the neck. It gives the impression that you have a gauged pierced ear, but you don't. There is a top and a bottom to this earring - so any normal piercing will work. Just slip the bottom half through the back of your piercing and stick the top on.It's tough and sexy. My favorite combination! Wear it with a different earring or as a pair...I promise everyone is going ask you where you got these. It's made out of beautiful sterling silver!Single earring for $30.00 or a pair for $60.00Ships in two days!

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|| Biatrix ||
Based in Houston, TX

I'm a fashion designer turned filmmaker. Crazy but true. I created the Biatrix line that sold to Barney's, Fred Segal, and Hollywood Ranch Market in Tokyo to name a few. That's where I was spotted by American Apparel and asked to run their youth division. From there I was inspired to make films. All along...

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