Spiral earrngs, Spiral silver, Brass Earrings, gypsy earrings,fusion.

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description;Beautifully designed spiral swirl brass earrings. The earrings are light to wear and the long wire makes it easy to put on without falling out but also adds to the length of the spiral design. The larger part of the earring has more swirls creating an intricate and elegant yet tribal design.size: high 45 mm wide 45 mm.Very lightweight.for normal-hole-size pierced ears

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Based in Japan

Tribal is located in Japan and proudly ships worldwide. We have Japanese quality standards and our customer satisfaction is our top priority.We offer a sprinkle of tribal inspiration and a dash of bohemian styles to create a new line of jewelry. Each piece lends its warmth and elegance with hues of either brass, silver, wood...

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