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Who's that queen? Step back, brace yourself!... Introducing Sparkle Sterling wearing the Spagflation Circle Tank, Red on Gray: Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle! Moves- Magic- RHLS eye to eye! New friends, new designs, spagflation expanding, RHLS holding its jock..Look into his angel eyes you think you're in paradise, then one day you find out he wears a disguise............... LOOK TOO DEEP INTO THEM ANGEL EYES My bois on top -my boy is real -his angel eyes are no disguise.. Maurice Ravariere is one damn good man, rep-pre-fucking-senting the NEW SS10 SPAGFLATION LINE with authority! Lets learn about spag and what it can do for you!Spag Unisex Circle Tank, Red on Gray is the latest peek into our Spring Summer debut, 3 new collections (5 altogether!) one giant brand new season!!!! YESSS-SS10!Spagflation is about being classist, Thats right, you genius get me. This is for ALL CLASSES, we dont care if you are balling or busted its here for you all. But if you are busted you can appreciate a nice pack of spaghetti from the dollar store while talking heads create buzz words like stagnation, and you can appreciate tank tops, t shirts, short shorts, underwear, crews and hoodies all $18 to $100. We got you. And its still made in the USA, still made in Brooklyn, still made by the designers and their dedicated team of seamsters, "the hearts" still mobbing with the D O double GG.. jk! thats where we practice our water sport technique..... ummmm...We upgraded our machinery agaaaiiiiinnn! New cover stitch machine makes our hem lines look so nice, so clean, so substantial, makes for one mean mesh tank! This concept is so obvious its smart. Triangle, Circle or Square on tank tops! Red circle pops on gray, so necessary!Handmade on industrial 1/2 sergers, cover stitched to perfection. Topped off with the RHLS stamp on the back bottom right, floss your dedication to progress! Anti Classist, Anti Pha Shun, Pro Progress!SIZING:Unisex small, medium or large. Maurice in the black medium, Sparkle in the Yellow small. Made to order, allow two weeks for construction and shipment.SMALL (inches)Chest 33"Waist 33"Hips 33"Length 19.5"MEDIUMChest 37.5"Waist 37.5"Hips 37.5"Length 20.5"LARGEChest 40"Waist 40"Hips 40"Length 22"Photos by R. Mackswell Sherman

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