sonic (cassette tape) necktie - black

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Alyce Santoro
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sonic fabric - the invention of conceptual and sound artist "alyce santoro": - is a durable, beautiful, audible textile woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored polyester thread. the fabric is woven in new england, and small, limited-edition accessories are hand sewn in manhattan by designer "julio cesar": sonic fabric emits a garbled, underwater-like sound if you run a tape head over it (for a demo, please visit youtube channel "alyceobvious": "edition" of sonic fabric (the sound recorded onto the tape before weaving) consists of a single note: 136.1Hz, or the "om tone". more info at "sonic": equally great with dress shirt or t-shirt.all sonic fabric products are guaranteed to be good-vibe emitting.the ties come in two colors: dark brown (woven with brown tape and black thread), and black (black tape, black thread). each comes packaged with descriptive insert and instructions for crafting a "reader" device from a hacked personal cassette player.

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Alyce Santoro
Based in Marfa, tx

I am a conceptual and sound artist and the inventor of "Sonic Fabric":, an audible textile woven from recycled audio cassette tape. My works of art made from Sonic Fabric have been featured in museums and galleries around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Museum of Contemporary...

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