Signet Mens Ring

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Susana Teixeira
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This signet mens ring is a massive sterling silver piece that features a colony of sponges in different forms, sizes and lengthsThis piece was made using the lost wax casting process. I sculpt manually the entire piece in wax and then the wax prototype was injected in silver in a professional foundry.I did not make any mold of this ring, so it is truly a unique piece.The external finishes are handmade and give a soft bright to the ring. The interior of each sponge is oxidized and gives a beautiful contrast to the ring.The interior diameter is aprox 18 mm (0.7 inches).US size 8 ; european size 17.5Please confirm your size in the link below before buying this piece. ring can be adapted to other sizes. Please contact the shop owner if you have any question.The piece will arrive in an elegant paper box sealed with the store logo.

About the Designer

Susana Teixeira
Based in Bolzano, Italy

The story of my creative live began some years ago, when I decided to bring some excitement to my day-to-day life. At that moment I was working as a Math teacher, which is actually my degree, but the idea of doing something with my hands was always present in my mind. Studying jewelery was the...

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